Winter Weather Driving Tips

stuck snowPrepare your vehicle now!

  • Check tires for adequate tread and proper inflation. As temperature decrease, so can tire pressure.
  • Check your battery, wiper blades and all fluid levels. Your battery is under more strain with cold temperatures and slushy, muddy and salty roads require more windshield wiper fluid.
  • Check wipers and light bulbs for safest visibility.
  • Stock your vehicle with a window scraper, flashlight, flares, blanket, an emergency kit.


Before getting on the road…

  • Plan ahead; plan to leave earlier to allow more time to travel slowly, this time of year.
  • Check road conditions, visit for links to UDOT road conditions and other weather reports.
  • Keep your gas tank full.
  • Clear all windows of snow/ice for best visibility.
  • If in doubt regarding proper use of your child safety seat, call the Bear River Health Department at 435.792.6500, to schedule an appointment with a car seat technician.


While driving...

  • Always buckle up, seat belts/child restraints are the #1 protection against serious injury and death.  Travelers are 45x more likely to die in a crash, if unrestrained. And it is the law.
  •  As soon as the weather begins to change, so should your driving behaviors, we need to slow down and leave more room between those ahead of you and those off the road, move over and watch for tow truck drivers, emergency responders, law enforcement. Give snowplows room to work.
  •  A good rule of thumb, when you turn on your wipers, also turn on your lights, so you can see and be seen. 
  •  Give driving your full attention.  Avoid distractions. 
  •  Never drive impaired, stay alert.
  •  Get adequate rest, take frequent breaks, and travel with a companion on long road trips. If traveling alone, let others know of your plans.
  •  If you do go off the road, or are involved in a crash, as you wait for assistance, stay in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened.

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