iStock-856794670Radon is a cancer-causing, colorless/odorless radioactive gas. Levels of radon can only be measured through testing.

Radon Kits can be purchsed for $9 at all Health Department locations. Test kits are also available from home improvement stores or from the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ). UDEQ kits are $9 and come with a laboratory analysis. To order a kit please click here



Radon Fact Sheet

Radon Test Results by Local Communtiy and Zip Code

Local Radon Certified Home Builders 

Why do Radon Levels Fluctuate?

How Radon Enters the Home?


Building a New Home? Learn more about Radon-Resistant New Construction(RRNC):

  • There is no reliable way to test soil for radon before commencing home construction. (Attempts to test for radon have often cost more than installing RRNC measures.)
  • BRHD recommends home builders strongly consider installing RRNC features in new homes.
  • Costs to install RRNC are about half those to install RR in an existing home. RRNC is more aesthetically pleasing (pipes, etc. are mostly hidden in walls, ceilings & attics).
  • Both RR and RRNC can also reduce basement humidity (and potential for mold/odors), and add to the resale value of homes (as people become more aware of radon issues).
    • Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) offers a free class: “Radon Resistant New Construction” to Utah home builders & inspectors.
    • Contact John Hultquist- 801-536-4263.
    • Persons completing it are listed on the DEQ website. If you are building RRNC homes you will also be identified with an icon that could help in marketing. (See attached RRNC information.) www.radon.utah.gov


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