Temporary Food Permit

Temporary food permitTemporary food permits are required to sell or give away food to the public. Permits are required for any group or individual who wishes to serve food at a temporary event. To avoid a late fee get your permit at least one week prior to the event. 

Food Safety Guide for Temporary Events - Please use this guide to assist in completing the Temporary Food Application

APPLICATION - Please complete the fillable Temporary Food Permit Application. You may email it to temporaryfood@brhd.org or print it and take it to the Enivornmental Health Building in Logan or the health department in Tremonton or Brigham.

Get a Food Handlers Permit

Food Handlers PermitWho needs to obtain a food handlers permit?  Anyone working in the food industry, whether you’re a dishwasher or server, you need this permit. The Bear River Health Department holds regular food handlers classes and online classes that are provided by state approved trainers. Read more for more information on requirements.



Food Establishment Permits

Food Est. Permit Any person, establishment, or business serving food to the public must be permitted. Before applying for a permit there are two basic questions that need to be answered:

1. What type of food, or how many types of foods will be prepared and served?

2. Where will service take place? As only special events like celebrations or fairs, from a permanent buidling, or from a mobile establishment that operates on a regualr food basis?


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