First 1,000 Days

first1000daysFirst 1000 days = from a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s 2nd birthday. 

Nutrition during the first one thousand days provides essential building block for brain development, healthy growth and a strong immune system. According to a recent Amercian Academy of Pediatrics Journal article, WIC "is the most important program providing nutritional support in the first 1000 days". This program can help growing families by providing nutritional support during this time.


Income guidelines are more generous than you may think CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY

  • Medical Records Release Form +

    Read More
  • Temporary Food Permit +

    Get a temporary food permit Read More
  • Get a Food Handlers Permit +

    Who needs to obtain a food handlers permit?  Anyone working in the food industry, whether you’re a dishwasher or server, you need this permit. The Bear River Health Department holds regular food handlers classes and online classes that are provided by state approved trainers. Read more for more information on requirements.   Read More
  • Accepted Insurances +

    The health department is able to bill many insurance providers. Unfortunately it is difficult to be familiar with what services each plan will cover. Because of this it is important for our patients to check with their insurance prior to receving services. When visiting the health department please bring your insurance card. Read More
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